Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ahhh the bike

Last week-end I bought a bicycle.  Nothing fancy, just a blue bike.
m feeling though as if this blue bike may be changing my life!  We have a chariot bike trailer so two of my three children can ride behind me.  My eldest is getting quite good at riding his own bike which is great! 

Yesterday I packed up all our stuff to go to the splash pad, popped my sons bike in the back and picked the boys up at school.  It is quite a site though.  Me with my blue bike, basket on front and a huge purple trailer in the back - I swear it looks like a train!! 

I feel free, fit and it is so much fun!  The kids are loving it and asking to go for a ride every day.  I am so glad that they are on the band wagon.  The one exercise I am learning aside from the physical is being where we are as a family.  You need to keep a certain speed with the bike trailer behind but my seven year old is pretty slow.  He also gets tired after a certain distance.  I am finding that I have to get off occasionally and walk behind him but I know this will change quickly. 

The best part is spending some alone time with my kids.  My eldest and I went for a nice ride together just the two of us and it was so great!  He told me about some of his friends, the things he likes to do right now and we really had fun.  I am a huge part of my children's lives already but it is nice to be with them one on one.  I was able to take my middle child out and we had a similar experience and I loved that equally as much.  My daughter is just a toddler but her squeals of delight and "mama look at that" every so many minutes are amazing.

The breath the movement and the time spent outdoors are so amazing I can't wait to get on my bike again, with or without my children.


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