Saturday, October 23, 2010

Learning Life's Lessons

Life's lessons are things we often don't pay much attention too.  For example if a person in our life consistently treats us a certain way that we don't like, yet we continue to allow it to happen.  Or if we know that a certain food or drink always makes us feel sick but we still consume them regardless.  Some of us have certain behavior patterns that are either habitual or social that we again know are bad for us but yet we continue to exercise these behaviors.

There are so many teachings around us that can help us learn from others.  The Buddhist teachings, many yogic teachings and biblical teachings and even children's story books.  They will teach us to be kind to ourselves, kind to each other, don't steal, don't lie, don't cheat, don't eat too much, don't take too much and be happy with what you have.  All of these valuable teachings that some of us either ignore or forget.

If we ignore the teachings that have been instilled upon us as children then how can we pay attention to the teachings from our own life's experience.  It is so important to stay present and connected to our experiences.  Reflect either through mediation or physical practice on these experiences and note - was that experience positive or negative?  If I do that same thing again will it always have the same negative or positive outcome.  I know for example that when I meditate regularly I sleep better, I am calmer and can more easily make decisions and have less drama in my life.  When I don't I eat poorly, sleep poorly and feel more stress.

These learned results are packed in so many of our experiences.  If we just took the time to stop, listen and feel we could become more connected with ourselves, with others and with our experiences.  We may learn more about ourselves and others around us.  We could even lead ourselves and others towards more happy experiences.  Especially if we learned from negative experiences and let that behaviour go.


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