Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yoga and Balance

I was reviewing some of my older posts and was starting to feel bad.  I found that some of them weren't as positive as I normally am or as I felt that they should be.  I mentioned this to a friend of mine and she reminded me about balance.  Balance and yin/yang, good/bad, positive/negative and so on.  Still I felt that with all of the negative that I felt was coming out in my blog I felt as if it should be balanced with some positive.

The good news is that between my back and ankle, I am able to visit my chiropractor and massage therapist more often and I am making the time to do that.  It feels great and I know that through the extra pain, things are being released in my body and the benefits will be paramount.  Apparently the burning that I am feeling through my hips and back mea that things are releasing and changing - yeah!!!

My yoga asana practice is suffering as I am often too sore to do a full practice or am fatigued easily - this forces me to practice ahimsa and listen to my body, which is also a very positive thing for me.  I do try to do this often but sometimes my head is fighting me and saying - if you just push a little further you will achieve perfect asana, pushing can also sometimes hurt pushing that asana further away from me!  Ha ha!!!

With bramacharya and christmas this was not easy but I didn't feel bad.  I normally live my life in moderations.  I rarely drink alchohol and if I do it is never very much.  I hardly ever over eat and over christmas this was not really any different, I kept the sweet treats that I baked in the freezer and only took them out when I needed a hostest gift or we had company.  I won't say that I never had more than one of a treat - man those chocolate peanut butter snow balls are good, but I didn't eat an entire container!  Good for me.

Now with the cold weather here and the feasting of Christmas over, it is back to home made soups and yummy home cooked meals.  I baked 6 dozen muffins the other day as our freezer is almost empty - time to fill it up with home cooked yummy things, there's got to be some yoga in there.  There is something to be said with the satisfaction I get from preparing nutricious and delicious food for my family and watching them enjoy it!

Hopefully this entry was more positive - even though I am respecting the properties of yin/yang and balance being good and bad.

Om Shanti, Peace!

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