Monday, April 26, 2010

Empty class

I have signed on with the Shunnya centre on Beechwood to teach prenatal yoga on Sunday mornings.  The Shunnya centre is a lovely sunny bright space that promotes relaxation.  As well, they like to focus on creating community which I think is great.  So many people come to yoga, they do their asanas and then they leave.  Never greeting or talking to anyone in their class - a simple namaste can go a long way.  A space to share in a sense of community is so rare now a days.

The last two weeks I have baked a lovely treat to share after class.  Gone to the centre, set up my room, made some tea, put on some music, and have had no students.  My husband seems very frustrated with this.  He feels that if I am going to be spending time away from the family that I should be earning a pay check.  I feel a bit torn.  On the one hand he is right as our family time is very limited.  On the other hand I quite enjoy having such a wonderful space to have a very long and leisurely practice and meditation.  I love practicing in the morning but with the three little ones I have not been able to do that.  This gives me a once a week practice time in the morning that I do not usually have.

The owner of the centre gives a class 4 weeks to determine if it is going to be a success.  I have half a mind to request longer just so I can enjoy the space.  A space free of clutter, children and noise.  This space gives me time to fully explore my personal practice as well as create new sessions for upcoming classes that I teach elsewhere.  I even thought to myself that I would pay her to rent the space for the hour and a half if she would let me so that I could keep using it.  Have it be an open practice space that I use and if anyone feels like joining in they are free to do so.  Hum  I think I have an idea there!

Cheers to space,
Namaste (Have a nice day).

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