Friday, April 16, 2010

Something New

Last week I tried something new.  For those reading my blog or in classes with me you will know that I have been struggling with my back for several months.  Last week-end was very intense I was actually walking bent forward and slightly to the left - even after my massage.  So on Tuesday I tried Cranial Sacral therapy.  I was very skeptical at first but once she laid her hands on me I felt the power of it.  I could feel things in my body, strange and interesting things.  Pain, pleasure or just sensation I could not always tell but I knew someting was working.

I left the appointment standing straight with minimal pain.  Still skeptical as my chiropractor appointments and massage appointments give me relief for a few hours at the most.  So I waited!  I had a rough night of sleep the next night, where I swear I felt the cerebral spinal fluid flowing up and down my spine.  The energy going from my pelvis to my head was intense, I can barely describe it, other than to say it felt like energy.  The next morning, still no pain.  Here we are now 4 days later and I feel fabulous.  I have about 10% discomfort and that is all.  The therapist said that people normally need two or three treatments.  So I am aware that I should not simply be pain free after one visit but I feel as if I am almost there.

One of the great things about this is that I actually had a very strong and healthy yoga practice today.  I have been practicing very lightly for the last few weeks as I can barely reach my toes.  My triangles have been legs close together with my arms on my hips.  Today my triangle was wide and strong and my arms were long and extended, I was even able to revolve! 

I am trying not to become attached to the way I have been feeling for the past few weeks to few months, nor to the way I am feeling today.  In my practice I felt certain postures I was holding back for fear of the pain returning or of over strain.  In some postures the tapas (burning desire) to go further was so strong I had to fight back as I don't want to enjoy today for pain tomorrow (ahimsa).  Very difficult to live in the present moment with my body when I am feeling good, as the fear of that causing unbearable pain for the next day is so intense.  Aparigraha with caution I suppose.

I am just very happy to be practicing without intense pain and to know that my practice is of good quality. I enjoy doing asanas and was becoming very sad and frustrated that I was not able to do very many.  Onward and upward!  Maybe I can even try some  new postures and more undiscovered territory - always practicing caution, being aware of were I am in the present and not grasping where I was yesterday or where I will be tomorrow.

Hari Om


  1. Glad this worked for you! I was very sceptical when we tried it for Huwyl but I was amazed with the results : )

  2. I am thinking about taking Liam.