Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to school

Last week started a series of back to schools for my family.  My seven year old started grade two.  My five year old started a combination of kindergarten and home schooling.  I started taking guitar lessons again.

Grade two seems to be a bit of a mix of happy and sad for Liam.  He was so happy to see all his friends again and get back into a routine.  He has not been so happy about leaving home every morning to go there.  I think grade two must be a coming of age time for boys as well.  Liam is learning more and more about compromise with free play and his friends.  He is also learning the rewards of hard work both at school and at home.  He is starting to chose his friends more on commonalities, rather then just because our mom's are friends.  I am optimistic that this will be another good school year for Liam and that he will enjoy and absorb.  He is changing so much right before my eyes, I want to savor it all.

Reilly met his teacher and went to school one day this week.  He loved his one day but is still holding fast to only going "one, maybe two days a week".  This is fine with me.  We have established a home school program and system that is working really well for him.  He often goes on to do more than he has been asked to do and I am trying to give him the types of tasks that he enjoys.  I am learning more about my son than I ever had just by having him do simple learning at home with me.  We are spending time together.  Not always working together, as he is amazing independently, but we are side by side.  He is even teaching his little sister a few things.  I am proud of myself for holding my ground and putting his wishes first.  He knows himself what he needs and wants more than anyone.

Holly is noticing that her brothers are busy and doing different things.  She is wanting to go on the bus in the morning with Liam and asking to go to school.  I am going to start a more structured schedule for her and I during the day as well so that she doesn't miss her brothers so much.

As the boys have started their school work I am again taking guitar lessons.  My mother bought me a guitar when I turned 16 and I never really learned to play it.  I learned chords and scales and that was about it.  To my own disappointment I never took the opportunity to learn from an ex boyfriend who played all the time.  In the past few months I have been practicing chords and strumming but finally decided to take actual lessons.  I love it!  My teacher is amazing and I learned more from him in one lesson then I ever have.  In the afternoon I practice and whenever I get a free moment.  I practice as much as I can in front of the children as well.  Watching a parent learn something is important for kids I think.  I hope that they can see me learning something new and realize that you are never too old and that we are constantly learning and taking things in.

I am amazed at how much learning the guitar is similar to my yoga practice.  I need to listen to my body.  Take rests when needed.  Breathe, and stay in the moment.  If I make a mistake I need to be present, let it go and move on.  Not be attached to the mistake but look forward to what is next.  The biggest thing for me is the practice.  I have worked it into my evening routine of yoga, pranayam, meditation, some more gentle postures, and then I practice the guitar.  I am so enjoying this time in the evening and my sleep is even improving.

Reilly and Liam are both talking about taking music lessons as well which is great!  I had Reilly in the music store the other day picking up some new guitar picks and he was asking to buy a guitar or a set of drums.  Friends of ours have a piano and Liam has shown some amazing ability and interest in that.  Perhaps the three of us can start a band....

Enjoy the sweet sounds of music,

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  1. I can't wait to hear you play and sing, perhaps you can bring your guitar to our next playdate? I love nothing more than listening to someone sing and play, perfect. Congrats on being so brave and having the courage to try something new.