Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ahhh paint drying

I have recently been on a painting binge.  Last week I decided to paint my dinning room.  I borrow some samples from a friend to paint on the wall.  She has great taste and I liked the samples she had painted on her wall, so I thought... why re-create the wheel.  Alas no, her colour choices were not right for my space.  Off to Home Depot I went, chocolate brown was the quest.  The choices for chocolate brown at Home Depot are endless.  You could spend hours in a chocolate brown frenzy.  I did not have that kind of time, that and I had two children with me.  I purchase three samples at almost $4 each and home I went, samples and brush in hand.

Brown number one was too red it reminded me of PEI sand or the colour of a rusty bike.  The second choice was much to pale, more like a chai latte from Bridgehead.  The third with the name of ganashe was the perfect chocolate brown for my dinning room. 

I used to be a horrible painter so I bought really great tape and vowed to be careful.  Cover the floors, use a ladder and not so thick with the paint.  On the chocolate brown went, it was beautiful.  I felt like I was creating art.  My roller went left to right and up and down and I loved it.  My edges were flawless, my strokes flowed in that moment a great painter was born.  OK back to reality I was just painting my dinning room but the results where better than expected.  I had it done in less than 24 hours.  I replaced my furniture and hung my curtains and pictures.  The room looks awesome and I love it.

Of course the beautiful dinning room was christened that day.  We had some friends over and we drank martini's (really bad ones made by me), some beer and pizza.  We hung out in our dinning room and never left.  When a room is that cozy you hang out in it!

Two days later I found my self at home depot again.  Now my hallway and adjoining family room must be painted.  I've hated the dreadful mint green since we first came to look at the house.  I again bought three samples and used the samples I had.  Alas none of these would be what I chose.  I had lots of chip samples which I started comparing and fussing over.  I finally made friends with and peace with potter's clay.  Again I was up for the marathon painting expedition.  I was again amazing in finishing this room and a half in less than 24 hours.  Did I mention I went to work in between...  The thing with this room is that potter's clay is as boring as clay sounds.  It looks dull and gray.  I am 90% of the time, the person to find the positive but this one is giving me some grief.  It has improved in that I got rid of the horrid mint green, and it looks clean.  It is not a disgusting colour that makes you point and laugh.  Instead it looks drab and I hate it!!!

So now I wonder what would a yogi do?  I have thought positively on the paint, I have been non-attached to the previous colour and was happy to let it go, I am certainly not attached to the new colour.  Maybe I should have practiced more aparigraha and not been grasping for everything all at once.  I could have been happy with the beautiful dinning room that I love.  Been patient and waited for the colour that I loved.  Been present and become one with the mint green?

Or maybe I can just paint over it....

Hari Om


  1. Paint over it. You're going to see it everyday and it will bug you everyday. It's worth the effort to start over, and get the same awesome feelings you have for your dining room. When we repainted the kitchen, I hated it and still do. I wish I had done it over right away. So go for it!

  2. Repaint while you are still in the mood! The longer you leave it the harder it is. The lesson here is that there is nothing wrong with making a mistake, acknowledging it and correcting. You are learning! Plus things always look different on the wall than on a chip. Can't wait to see your redecorated house!

  3. Ok so here it is, I high tailed it back to Home Depot and bought some blue paint. I'm doing it over!!!