Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trying to find the yoga.

The more I study yogic philosophy the more I try to find the "yoga" in everything.  Sometimes this is easy sometimes not so much, but I am trying.

The other day we put up our Christmas tree.  My husband and I stayed up late to have it mostly decorated, leaving some for the kids but not too much as they also have their own little tree.  In the middle of the night our nicely decorated tree fell over, breaking a lot of our decorations.  My husband was to say the least quite annoyed.  I took a "yogic" approach and though oh well.  Yes I was a bit irritated that some of my lovely decorations were broken and that I had stayed up late, losing precious sleep, to decorate a tree that would have to be done again.  So I thought were is the yoga - well nothing is permanent, the past is done and the future is not hear yet, be present in the moment.  So I took a deep breath, got the vacuum and started doing it over.  Not thinking about how lovely it looked before because honestly I have no recollection of what it looked like before it fell.  I was happy that I would have another opportunity to decorate a tree with my children.  The sleep that was lost, I guess I can just take a nap!

Finding the yoga with situations with other people is sometimes difficult.  I am struggling with the practice of ahimsa (non harming) with satya (truthfulness).  When people say things to me that hurt my feelings, how do I bite my tongue so as to not say how I really feel and be truthful with them, at the same time avoiding a potential argument - harming myself but by not doing so I am not being true to myself.  Feels like a chicken and egg thing to me sometimes!  Perhaps I need to work on my approach the hard thing with this is the history with some individuals and the relationship dynamics does not always allow for honesty and openness.  Still working on this one!

Looking for the yoga in everything and everyone....

Om Shanti, Peace!

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