Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Do Christmas and Yoga go together?  I have to admit I am a bit of a ba humbugger sometimes.  I think Christmas is so great for my children.  Their eyes light up at the thought of Santa coming and leaving gifts under the tree.  They are so excited about leaving a magical key for Santa on the door knob so he can enter our house while they are sleeping.  They are equally as interested in preparing just the right amount of hot chocolate and leaving some delicious cookies and are so kind never to forget the reindeer's carrots.  This is what I love about Christmas.  My children are not greedy and only asked for two things each.

What I guess I get lost in is the "stuff" issue.  How much stuff is under the tree?  How much should I spend on each person?  What ever happened to giving something to someone just because you wanted to, not because they put a specific item on their list, but because out of the goodness of your heart you made something, or saw something that you thought they would love.  

I love baking for my friends and family.  I love sharing traditions and starting new ones.  I love watching my children.  I absolutely love spending the day with my family.  I try to focus on what I love, and not on all the stuff.  But as my living room piles up with toys that will be forgotten in a few days I wonder where is the yoga?

Om Shanti,
Peace to all,

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