Friday, December 25, 2009


I spent the day at Le Nordik spa with a very dear friend today.  WOW!  We were sitting on a bench ready and waiting for our first activity which was a relaxation massage.  This guy walks through the doors after having a massage, his hair is tousled, he looks all blissed out and can hardly focus and walking seems almost drunken and out of his mouth he says "WOW".  That pretty much sums up the day that we had.

For those who have been to Le Nordik you may agreed that it is a day of decadence and fulfillment.  It certainly was not difficult to find the yoga at all.  The massage was full of sensation and the baths and sauna's full of detoxification.  From hot to cold - I even explored my edge in the cold bath - it was about minus 10 outside already and I decided to explore the benefits of the cold bath before just dipping my toes in and running.  When I started to shiver I got out but the 7 or 8 minutes that I was in actually felt refreshing.

We finished with a lovely vegetarian lunch.  I had these wonderful dates stuffed with some kind of creamy cheese.  My friend said that watching me eat them made her feel as if she was interrupting something "special".  Really it was special.  Not just the stuffed dates but the entire day.  I chose throughout the day to be present, which is much easier when there are no distractions such as children, computers, phones, or whatever else you can think of.


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