Monday, November 22, 2010

Eating Habits

I'm trying to get on track with the way me and my family eat.  I think this would fall under the bramacharya ideal.  Moderation as well as the ahimsa since I follow a vegetarian diet (95%) of the time. 

I recently said to my partner that I had noticed since we moved to our new house that our eating habits weren't as good as they used to be.  He noticed it too and thought that it seemed to coincide with moving, closing my day care and the car accident.  Three major events in my life caused me to stop meal planning and cooking.  Now when I say we haven't been eating as well we aren't gorging ourselves on junk food and pop.  We just aren't as conscious about how we eat and what.

I used to be really great and at the end of the week I would meal plan everything for the next week.  This made grocery shopping easy, cheap and left the guess work out of "what are we going to eat today".  I always knew when something had to be taken from the freezer or extra made to use as leftovers.  For the last year or so it has been a throw together of whatever we have.  I skip meals or eat the same thing day after day - which is often toast!  I lived on toast for years when I was single... "do you KNOW how many things to you can do with toast"!!!  At lunch time I make nice nutritious and delicious meals for my kids and I have toast or a handful of nuts and maybe some chocolate chips for energy.  Oh and I am constantly sucking back a mug of some kind of tea - herbal or non. 

So I have decided to put a stop to the eating on the fly.  I meal planned for this week and we will see how it goes.  The kids really liked lunch and so did I.  Supper was not a huge hit, but I liked it.  Let's see how tomorrow goes.  I can say there is something comforting in knowing that the next meal is not a mystery.  I have everything to make it and I can even prepare some things in advance.  This makes a busy mom of three, who runs a home day care (again) and her own small business (prenatal), cooking/eating life so much easier.  Oh and healthier too!  Less waste and cost effective - win win I think!


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