Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yoga and Kids

I used to think of my yoga practice as a time that I could be on my own.  Now that I am a busy mother of three with a regular practice it is simply time.  I was practicing in my space yesterday morning and it was good.  You know when you get into the groove and the practice just flows.  You don't have to think about the postures they just happen.  Your body is feeling good and it moves with your mind.  If you haven't experienced this yet, don't worry with lots of practice you will.

Where was I...  oh yes my lovely flowing practice...  My middle child Reilly wanders into the living room and starts jumping around.  Of my three children he has the most energy.  He stands in one spot and bounces regularly and I love it.  If he were a Pooh character he would definitely be Tigger!  I try my first step at shooing him away to no avail.  So then I get him doing some postures - he is usually good for two or three and then he gets bored.  It was time for me to get on the floor.  Now Reilly thinks it is time to wrestle and be silly.  I think to myself, how can I use this to my advantage.  He now becomes a wonderful support in my practice.  Some of those forward folds and child's pose are enhanced with a bit of weight so I tell him where to sit or lie down and it is perfect.  He is laughing and giggling over how silly this is and I am getting some great adjustments and help at getting deeper into my posters.  We are also having so much fun together!

My next thought is how do I get a nice little savasana in here?  With bouncy giggly Reilly this might be impossible but let's be present and try.  So I lie on the floor and have him on top of me so he too is facing up.  I tell him to pretend he is a sleep and to try to be absolutely still.  He was loving the rise and fall of my belly and how it made him rise and fall too.  His arms were wide open and unsupported and he thought that this was fun.  I loved that we were having a little bonding moment in our savasana.  Not as relaxing as it normally is but I loved it just the same.

Practice with your kids around.  You never know what you might learn.



  1. Awwe. What fun! Glad you can practise at home and make it out to classes sometimes...

  2. Wow that sounds wonderful! I love that you were able to move out of 'ideal' and create a new kind of perfect.

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