Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day one

Well day one of the Prenatal Yoga teacher training was absolutely a learning experience. I am sure though that there is going to be much more to come. I am re-affirming my passions for pregnancy, birth and beyond. It is so wonderful to be in a group of powerful women, some who are mothers and some who are not.

I entered today with some fatigue. It had been a very rough night with Holly. She is still so little and is up frequently in the night crying and nursing and we woke up very early as usual. So the get up and go in me is not always present. I fought back with a good breakfast, a teaspoon of honey and some nettle tea. Packed my lunch bag and off I went.

I had not intended on sharing too much about myself during this class and was hoping to be more on the receiving end. But sure enough with a class of 7 women we went around a welcoming circle and introduced ourselves and told why we were there. At this point if felt I needed to tell them that I was a prenatal teacher looking for more and to share more. It was nice as I didn't feel as if I had to teach and am not always used to being in the "student" space when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

We did a yoga class which was wonderful, as well discussed some physiology - this part I am very familiar with so sat back and listened. I found this was a great opportunity for me to take some notes as to how to incorporate some of what we had done into my prenatal classes. I could be a passive listener at this point which I appreciated. We finished up with some massage, I really enjoyed this portion - both receiving and giving. I thought I had learned something new until I showed my partner and he told me he had done that during one of my labours. We did some meditation and a chant and said good bye until tomorrow.

I enter tomorrow with some trepidation as we are to share birth stories. I am very comfortable teaching and talking about births, but not my own. It is not something that I freely share with people that I don't know. My first birth being extremely traumatic and my other two being very healing and wonderful. I am always hesitant to tell people that I have had two home births after a cesarean as most think it is dangerous. I guess like all of us, I am afraid of being judged. I am certain that this is a safe space but I still have reservations.

No sense worrying about tomorrow - off to bed for some good rest.


  1. Looking forward to following your adventures at Yoga School. We have so much to talk about!!!

  2. I hope the nettle tea and honey fortified you! Be a proud homebirthing mama, allow people to learn something new from you. Remember that homebirth is pretty normal for most of the world, your group may be less surprised than you think!

    I'm looking forward to benefiting from your wisdom in the future. Maybe not birth wise but I'm sure in other yoga areas and of course life in general.

    I'll be following your blog avidly!