Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Two

Well day two was certainly an eye opening experience. I arrived early as my family left the house so I thought I could get to the studio and catch up on some reading. I had been anxious all morning as we were told we would be sharing birth stories (we didn't get to it thank god). I am a prenatal instructor but am not used to sharing my own birth experiences and unless it is a one on one or women I know well I am not so comfortable sharing.

We started with a great opening meditation which was great, then talked about some postures for pregnancy and how they can help with birth. There happened to be a prenatal class going on upstairs so our teacher suggested that we take it. It was such a great restorative class, I really enjoyed the nice slow paced flow - something I often don't allow myself in my own personal practice. However lately I have been dipping into Yin Yoga and enjoying it but there is still a sense of getting into a posture that was left behind today in prenatal yoga.

We then watched a great video, I use the teaching version of it in my prenatal classes but the instructor showed the much more graphic version, which I really enjoyed. We then did a great meditation to see how the birth images, cesarean images, massage, yoga, and yes circumcision images may have effected us and to see where our bodies were at the present time. I was very surprised at the feelings that were brought up for me. Not about birth but about not having more children. Watching videos where women are giving birth makes me sad that I won't experience that ever again. I guess I have been holding that back for a while but in the safety of our learning and teaching space I felt it wholeheartedly that I was sad for the baby that will never be born. Funny as I don't really know what to do with that!

Now we have a two week break. I need to design a prenatal yoga class. I am happy that this is not my first time and that I have been teaching prenatal classes for years and have a very lengthy yoga background. It will be interesting to teach it to my peers however as this is an experience that often makes me nervous.

Off to bed now. All of that yoga, meditation and sharing of ideas and learning has me completely exhausted. That and I got a parking ticket - the universe telling me I need to pay more attention to parking signs I suppose!!!

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