Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week-en2 day 2

Wow what can I say about today? It was beautiful, amazing, blissful, gentle and kind. Our energy was certainly on a higher plane today as a group. Myself though I was feeling a bit achy and very emotional, this I relate to the connection that I have made with these women as well as my moon cycle which seems to be in high gear.

We did a lot of spiritual work today which was amazing. We did a chakra balancing meditation where we looked at the colours and felt them through our funnels. We moved and danced and felt it all. I found that my root chakra was quite painful today but again I am relating that to my menses.

We had another circle time and discussed the chakra balancing and this too was very powerful. The facilitator told us that she had done this exercise many times before but could not remember it being received and having such an amazing effect on her groups. As some of us shared our stories, I again felt this amazing connection. One women started to tell a portion of her birth and I started to tear up, not because of what she was saying but because I felt it - I know it sounds crazy but I was feeling the pain that she was feeling.

The facilitator is also a healer and she offered to do a healing on one of the pregnant women in the group as she is having some issues and we were welcomed to observe and participate. We were asked to continue to breathe and to keep ourselves centred and present, focusing our energy on the woman being healed. When the healing came to a certain point where the pregnant woman was asked to imagine healing herself, I again began to tear up and cry. I was feeling what she was feeling and wanted to physically reach out to her - it was amazing. I was feeling my throat close up at this point and really tried focused on opening up the throat chakra again to help facilitate her healing as well as my own. Then our facilitator walked around the room and touch each of us (I think it was everyone) and I felt her hands above my head and was feeling fine and then all of a sudden the flood gates opened and I could not stop crying. I am still not sure why I was crying, but I was. After the healing we all relaxed for a few moments before we came together as a group. The pregnant women who was being healed shared a bit of her experience with us. I sat back as I was still crying and then we took a break. It took me about 15 minutes or so before the tears stopped. I continued to breathe and tried to focus on staying open and present. Had a drink and went outside for a walk and felt much better when I returned.

After our break the Bahkti Connection a group I know well was in our room so that we could do some devotional signing or Kirtan which is something that I love! Their focus was on the divine mother so each of our chants was about the mother and about birth which was beautiful. I love expressing myself through signing and dancing and this just seemed a fitting way to finish our prenatal teacher training. As usual I was fully present in the Kirtan and was reminded how much I love this form of yoga and need to bring it back to my life.

So I have completed my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and I think this training should be done by anyone planning to teach prenatal yoga as well as by pregnant women. It is a truly amazing course. I look forward to next month when I start my 7 month Hatha training to see what life and mind altering things will happen within me.

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