Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wee-End 2 day 3

Well day three was interesting. I had had a busy two weeks between, which included my husband being away, massive amounts of preserving and broken taps in our house and a 4 year old who I think is feeling the challenges of being an older brother and starting school.

So I arrived feeling a bit knackered to say the least. I felt as if I all wanted to do was either sleep or go and get some much needed retail therapy. I think I will save the therapy until next week and will squeeze some sleep in sometime. It seems that the rest of our group was feeling the same. So in our group we have two pregnant mom's to be, 4 mom's and two never had children women. However for this week-end three of the non pregnant women are on their moon cycle - interesting I think.

Given that most of us were pregnant or on our moon cycle (including the facilitator) she decided to follow our vibe and we started off with some great meditation, lying down or supported on the wall. We then did a very gentle prenatal yoga class. It is interesting receiving a yoga class designed for pregnant women when you are not pregnant. Focusing on the baby and breathing for your baby - certainly brings me back. After the asana practice we did a pranayama and meditation portion with a new mudra that I hadn't tried before - to be honest I was so tired I think I fell asleep. We then finished with the much loved sivasana which again I think I fell asleep in.

The rest of the day we talked about teaching pregnant women and how given our varied backgrounds that might be perceived and how to deal with that. The general gist of it all was be honest with your group about whatever it is is holding you back or bringing you forward. That we are not experts in pregnancy or yoga but that we are there to facilitate their practice and hopefully they will enjoy what we have come to share.

I left last night feeling rejuvenated about why I love dealing with pregnant women and excited to start teaching yoga again. It has been about 4 years since I have taught a yoga class and I really do miss it. I suppose the next step is to see if anyone will hire me to teach again as I really do love it. I also left feeling so tired and drained, this could be a combination of menstruating as well as giving so much during the day. But I feel asleep with the boys at 8:00pm woke up around 9:30pm went back to bed and aside from nursing my toddler through the night and slight interruptions from my 4 year old I slept until 8:00am.

This afternoon I head off to the final day of the prenatal portion of my training. I am sure I will not be disappointed. It is certainly a nice way to start the next 7 months of my Hatha training.

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