Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anatomy of Yoga

This week-ends teacher training was focused on Anatomy. Doing the readings to prepare for this week-end left me shaking and sleeping. My mind has this fabulous talent of falling asleep when it becomes bored, doesn't understand or isn't interested. The readings of the parts of the bones and muscles and all of that fun stuff did that to me and fast.

It was a different story once we entered the studio and started talking. I got it, I understand it and I think I even loved it. I can't tell you which bones are which but I can tell you why some people can do some things. It was pretty cool and we got to put some things into practice which I love. I really am a hands on learner so trying things out really gets me.

The other thing we spend a lot of time talking about was ahimsa - non harming. This being the basic reason why most yogis are vegetarian, but it goes deeper than that. Ahimsa starts within, it is not going to deeply into a practice that you hurt yourself, not practicing certain things in your life that hurt you such as over eating, thinking bad thoughts, wasting time you name it. It is being aware of the things that hurt you and then going outside and thinking of what hurts others. We have been challenged to practice ahimsa alternating what it is in two week periods - I returned to vegetarianism a while ago and have had no meat in several weeks so this I could not do. I have decided for this period to not waste time on the computer. I spend a lot of time surfing looking at things that mean nothing, reading stupid jokes, posting my life on face book and why? All it does is waste time that I could be spending with my children or my husband or even better on me. It keeps me up late and causes me to neglect so many things. So it has been a few days and I am doing well. I have used the computer for things that are for work and so far today it was 5 minutes and now I am writing my blog. The blog is not wasting time as I am looking as this as a diary for me too. No surfing useless sights and now hanging out on facebook wondering what people I haven't spoken to in 20 years are doing - dumb!! So let's see what happens when the two weeks are over. Stay posted for what my next ahimsa will be - maybe you could try one!!!

Om shanti,

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