Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birth in Week-end Three

Last week-end was our third week-end into the teacher training. I was feeling great. My whole family had been very sick - H1N1 sick although I am not 100% sure that is what it was - it sure seemed like it. I was able to fight off the illness I think by practicing yoga every day, meditating and taking my vitamin C.

So the teacher training week-end was off to a good start. We covered some more anatomy, talked about chanting and putting classes together and how postures are linked. We were also able to practice teaching each other sun salutations. As I have taught classes before and have been putting my sessions together to teach prenatal classes I found this part not as intimidating as my counter parts. It was nice to get feedback though - I always feel as if I am talking to fast but was assured that the pace was perfect - so I was happy.

After Friday night and all day Saturday as well as having a sick family I was looking forward to a nice chat with a friend who was celebrating her birthday. I was home maybe 20 minutes and these clients that I have called to say that they were in labour and would need me soon. I got showered and went to bed hoping to get some sleep. About half an hour after getting into bed, they called and said to come now. Almost 24 hours later mom gave birth via cesarean to a beautiful 8pnd baby girl. I was frustrated with the birth experience as well as having to miss day two of a training that I am loving but am trying to practice Aparigraha and let go of expectations of how things should be and how I expect them to turn out. All things in life happen for a reason either to teach us something so we can learn or to teach someone else something so that they can learn - both of these are noble reasons.

After missing almost two days of personal practice as well as meditation practice I was anxious to get back to it. I was on a quest to do 40 days of meditation and quite honestly I lost count of where I was at but was close. It did in fact take me another 2 days of rest and practicing ahimsa in listening to what my body needed - asanas or sleep - before I was able to return to my asana practice. I will begin my meditation practice again on Monday as I have not been able to focus and want to be gentle with myself for a few days.

So with the troups healthy our life continues on all while in the midst of it - all I want is YOGA!!!

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