Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Karma Yoga

Every time it snows I shovel our driveway.  Since I am out there and our driveways are attached I also do my neighbors driveway.  I could easily leave it, after all it does add another 1/2 hour or 20 minutes to my task but my neighbors are in their 60's and as I said I am already out there.  It feels good to know that I am helping them out a little bit and that I am saving them the time to do it.  I get fresh air and a little bit of exercise, and the kids get to play out side and eat snow (yes eat snow).

Funny thing about this shoveling that I do.  I really don't mind doing it, in fact I enjoy it.  This morning it was not as much fun.  Not because there was more snow - snow is snow.  Not because it was cold, it was a balmy -3.  Not because I was tired or hungry or thirsty or anything like that.  The reason was because my neighbors seem to have purchased a truck or are borrowing a truck or one of their kids are parking it in their driveway.  I found that this enormous pick up truck that is not normally there is blocking my way.  I can't easily shovel the snow from one end of the driveway to another.  You would think I would be happy, if I look on the bright side, this truck covers the pavement making less snow for me to shovel.  Instead I found myself cursing this damn truck that was in the way of my shoveling. 

I got over it.  I shoveled around it.  Brought my focus back to the task at hand and reminded myself that this little obstacle was in the path of my snow, not an obstacle in the path of my karma yoga.  I returned to the shoveling.  Shoveled lengthwise instead of sideways, enjoyed my fresh air and exercise.  Enjoyed making life easier for my 60 year old neighbors who parked a massive truck in the middle of their driveway.


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