Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turning obstacles into practice.

In returning to the subject of obstacles.  Again for us house yogi's these obstacles can be huge.  Take today for example.  I had intended on getting the boys of to school.  Getting Holly down for her nap and having a really nice yoga practice maybe topping it off with a nice long meditation.

None of this was in the cards for me today.  Liam wasn't feeling well last night before bed so I let him sleep in.  Reilly woke up with pink eye and couldn't go to school and of course my darling Holly wasn't interested in a nap until much later than usual.

My obstacles return.  I need to take deep breaths, now is the time for yoga.  Yoga in my daily life.  I will be honest with my self, I will be present in the moment and take what I can get.  I will say OK I need to care for my children and accept the for what they are and who they are today.  Not the healthy vibrant children they were yesterday but the un-well needing to be cared for children that they are today.  Being present and giving them what they need right now.

I still took time out for asana practice.  I really wanted to meditate so I did a very brief mediation before my asana.  My asana practice was 1/2 an hour.  Did I have the practice that I wanted today, no.  But in that I did remind myself of the practice of aparigraha and opened myself up to the physical practice of today and not holding onto or grasping the practice that was supposed to be.  I cared for my family and cared for myself - being honest with where we are today and practicing saucha.  As well not beating myself up for having a short practice but practicing ahimsa in being kind that I was able to practice at all.

I may look towards my next "present" moment and attempt some light asana practice with my children tomorrow.   I will try to make my children part of my practice and not the obstacles to it.  I will embrace the questions, the energy and the joining in that may follow.  Of course this may not happen at all...
Hari Om,

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